About Hikarikai TelgeKarate Club

Telge karate was founded in 1995 by Erik Nilsson.

In 2011 Järna karate was formed, and in 2012 the clubs name became Hikarikai.

We train Budo and Martial arts / art that has its foundation and roots in Japan.

Our main focus are:

Traditional Japanese Karate.

We are HQ and Hombu Dojo in Sweden for the style Hikarikai Shitoryo international.

The club is a member of:
  • - Svenska Karate Association / WKF

We are Sweden's representative for the Janpanese organisation Yuzenkai Gojuryu and kobudo.

Other focus are:

Japanese full contact Karate.

We are Hombu Dojo in Sweden for the Jissenkaikan style.

The club is a member of:
  • - All Sweden Jissen Karate Do Federation
  • - International Jissenkaikan Japan
  • - ICSO World Jissen karate Do Federation
  • - Svenska Kyokushinförbundet
  • - Svenska Budo och Kampsportförbundet

Self Defense courses.

We regularly conduct self-defense training.

Kobudo, traditional Japanese weapon arts.

We are focused on specific courses or seminars.


Through our membership in the Swedish Karate Federation and the Swedish Budo and Martial Arts Federation, everyone who trains with us and have paid their fee, are insured with Folksam sports injury insurance.

The insurance covers all types of bodily injury arising out of sudden outside influence over federal activities or travel to and from these activities.

To qualify for cover during training or competition abroad, you require a special form to be submitted in advance.

Contact your instructor if you want to know more or need help to report an injury.