Kancho - Erik Nilsson

President / Founder and Cheif Instructor for Hikarikai Shitoryu International

Chief Instructor 7 DAN

Direct student and representative of Soke Toshio Kaneta, Martial Arts Kaneta, World Motobu ha shitoryu, Kobudo and IADO.

Sweden Representative (Branch Chief) for Nahate Gojuryu Kobudo International, Yuzenkai Japan. Gojuryu and Ryukyu Okinawa Kobudo.

Erik holds the grades of:
  • 7 DAN Motobu-ha shitoryu Karate from Japan, graduated in Japan
  • 7 DAN in Karate Gojuryu from Japan, graduated in Japan

  • Erik has more than 45 years of experience in practicing and teaching Shitoryu Karate Do. In 1971 Erik started practicing karate in the city where he lived, Sodertalje, led by Kjell Eliasson, the style was Shito Ryo Shukokai, led internationally by Chojiro Tani (Tani ha Shito Ryu).

    After a few years, Erik joined and began to train directly under Tamas Weber (founder Shitoryu Sanshinkan), who was Sweden's representative for Shukokai.

    In the mid-1990s, Erik returned to his hometown Södertälje, and started Telge Karate Dojo, and in recent years also Järna Karate Dojo.

    Shortly after the formation of the Telge karate, Erik traveled to Japan to train directly under the guidance of Soke Toshio Kaneta Seishinkai Martial art Kaneta ha. During this time Erik also trained in Kobudo.

    Erik came in contact with and trained Gojuryu karate in the early 80's under the direction of Takashi Masuyama östermalms karate club.

    In recent years, interest in Gojuryu has returned. Erik has studied this style in depth and has completed the advanced course for Shihans in Hombu dojo Gojuryu Yuzenkai, graduating and aquiring a teaching license in Gojuryu karate. During his years with karate Erik has had the opportunity to travel and work with several leading karate masters.

    Chairman / Founder Hikarikai Telge Karate and Karate Järna

    Telge Karate was founded in 1995 and Järna karate 2011. The clubs adopted and was organized under the name Hikarikai 2012.