When we come into the Dojo, we leave our ordinary everyday lives and put all our emphasis on training.

Dojo called the place where we practice our art of karate. The word can be interpreted "the place of study" or "a place where Do (way) is exercised.

The Dojo usually has a place at the front, Shomen, where our greeting ceremony takes place. This part of the premises is often marked with items, picture of the style's founder and calligraphy with the Dojo Kun (commandments). Each training begins with a greeting ceremony at Shomen.

Students line up in a row in front Shomen and Sensei.

Greeting ceremony is led by the highest graded student.

Mokuso = eyes closed for a short meditation
Mokuso Yame = Meditation is interrupted.
Shomen you Rei = Students bows (Rei) towards Shomen
Sensei you Rei = Students bow to Sensei
Typically, we perform this ceremony standing.
It can also be performed in a sitting position Seis, the Sensei will decide.

Show respect for teachers, peers and karate art.

Be on time for training.

If you are late, bow (rei) in the doorway and say the word "Usu".

Wait for the instructor's permission to enter the Dojo.

Before you enter the dojo, your karate suit should be worn correctly and belt tied.

No student may leave the dojo without the instructor's approval.

Wait for the instructor's signal for example: water break.

Finger and toenails should always be cut short, to avoid injury.

Feet, hands and nails must be clean.

Mobile phones should always be turned off before entering the dojo.

Chains, bracelets, rings, etc. must not be worn during training.

The Dojo should not be walked on with shoes.

The dojo requires a correct behavior, and that the instructor's directions are followed. It places great emphasis on a good, strong training effort and a respectful attitude to karate.

During exercise, one should not talk to each other.

If you want to ask about anything call the instructor's attention by asking "Usu Sensei".

Always refer to the instructor as, Sempai (1-2 dan), Sensei (over 3 dan).

When we greet each other, we use the word Osu.

The word Osu is also used to show that you understand.

Bow to your partner before you start techniques against each other.