About Jissenkaikan

All Sweden Jissen Karate Do Federation was formed in January 2013 by Erik Nilsson.

Jissenkaikan exercises a full contact style known as Jissen karate

The style comes from Japan and is headed by Kancho Kawauchi. Jissen Karate is representad in numerous countries.

The style places great demands on both physique and psyche. Something we persist through our training.

The styles 6 key words (Hearts) are:

  • - Heart of Respect
  • - Heart of Thankfulness
  • - Heart of T- Heart of Humbleness
  • - Heart of Endurance
  • - Heart of Service
  • - Heart of Mercy

Style's representative in Sweden, Jun-Hanshi Erik Nilsson.

To train Jissen Karate you must be at least 14 years of age.