Sensei - Björn Larsson

Björn started karate training in the style Kyokushinkai.

In 1996 he joined the Telge karate club and training in the style of Shitoryu. Bjorn is graduated to 3 Dan in Shitoryu

Senpai - Fabian Reindl

Senpai Fabian started karate in 1984 in a style called Goju Ryu under the direction of Hiromi Suzuki. In 1987 he had to stop training due to an injury.

In 2007, the craving for Karate came back and Fabian began training again in the style of Shitoryu, since then he has graduated to Nidan - 2nd Dan in Shitoryu.

Fabian's main influences in Karate is Shihan Erik Nilsson.

Fabian is now a much-appreciated assistant coach at the club.

Senpai - Carl Sandström

Carl Sandström started early with our kids karate group.

As a belt belt, he has also begun to assist the instructor with our children's groups. Carl was graded to 1st DAN in 2013.