Shitoryu Hikarikai

Our style originates from the traditional Japanese style shitoryu and values the Japanese martial tradition.

The roots of the style come mainly from Motobu Kaneta, shitoryu and partly Tani ha shitoryu.

Hikarikai shitoryu is founded to honor and pass on knowledge of the heritage of my sensei's who learned shitoryu under Motobu ha tradition.

Hikarikai covers all the knowledge that our Sensei Erik Nilsson accumulated over 45 years of training and teaching in Shitoryu karate.

The style characteristics are rapid direct movements but also soft flexible movements depending on the situation.

The style value the study of Bunkai and sees Karate mainly as a martial art and the development of personal character.

Within Hikarikai we continue the tradition of Motobu ha's heritage by practicing Kobudo and IADO.

Toshio Kaneta, Soke 10 DAN, began practicing karate Gojuryu at age 5.

In 1970 he met Shogo Kuniba, Soke, Seishinkai and inherited Motobu ha shitoryu.

Because of his high technical skill, Kaneta was appointed the responsible for the style's technical quality.

Kuniba moved in the early 80s to the United States. In 1989 he appointed Kaneta to 10 Dan and responsible for Seishinkai East Japan by Shogo Kuniba.

In 1991 he was given the right from Shogo Kuniba to form an own organization in Motobu ha shitoryu. Seishin kai martial arts Kaneta.