Welcome to the Hikarikai TelgeKarate
in Södertälje & Järna

Hikarikai Telgekarate was formed in 1995. We teach and practice martial art that has its roots and traditions from Japan/Okinawa.

Our main focus is in traditional Japanese karate training. Starting from 7 years and all ages upwards. We train in the styles of Shitoryu and Gojuryu, both of which are traditional styles with roots from Okinawa. We also offer as a supplement, for those who want to exercise in the Japanese full-contact karate from 14 years and upwards. We are Hombu Dojo in Sweden for the style Jissenkaikan.

For children who are interested in the competition, we compete in the WKF Karate Federation points karate systems. For adults who are interested, we compete in full contact rules - Kyokushin or other full-contact systems, according to the Svenka Budo Martial Sorts Federation regulations.

We also organize courses for individuals and companies in our self-defense system.

We train in both Södertälje and Järna

We have regular term starts in coordination with when the primary school terms begins, but we also intake new members during a term, subject to availability.



Telge Dojo - Tue 16 Aug 18:00
Järna Dojo - Wed 17 Aug 18:00

Södertälje Dojo - Sat 20 Aug 14:00
Järna Dojo - Sun 21 Aug 15:00

Järna Dojo - Sun 21 Aug 16:00

Jissen Fullkontakt
Telge Dojo - Sat 20 Aug 16:00
Järna Dojo - Sun 21 Aug 16:00